Patrick Van Caeckenbergh

Le Monde à l’Envers

Zeno X Gallery is proud to present Le Monde à l’Envers, Patrick Van Caeckenbergh’s eleventh solo exhibition since he joined the gallery in 1987.

Patrick Van Caeckenbergh schematizes, catalogues and maps out the world in his own unique way. He reveals particular parallels between scientific theories, folk tales and mythologies. He formulates alternative thought structures that are often very topical and critical.

Le Monde à l’Envers brings together various installation works and models that emphasize the importance of caring, on both a personal and global level. The figure of the shaman plays a leading role in many of the works. For Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, the shaman is an intermediary or threshold figure with whom he identifies; like the artist, the shaman finds himself on the border between two worlds that he tries to bring into contact with each other. Like Van Caeckenbergh, the shaman spends most of his time observing reality before he can introduce a solution or cure. Because of his particular position within society, he can function as an intermediary or transmitter of information.

Artists: Patrick Van Caeckenbergh