Jean Glibert

Expo Jean Glibert

For decades he has been intervening freely between forms imposed by architectural realisations: Jean Glibert (Brussel, 1938) puts architecture in the limelight and sets it in motion.

By adding an indirect object, he guides your view and understanding of a construction. And he does this without authoritarianism, nor the will to meddle with or oppose architects’ original idea. Glibert’s attitude can be found, in the most diverse forms, in more than 200 (art integration) projects. One of which is Frans Masereel Centrum’s new pavilion.

Jean Glibert is also a flâneur and near obsessive collector of objects that cross his path. Chalk, gum, fragmented ceramics – these can all be found in the FMC’s vitrines – or crushed cola cans found in the streets: his collection of numerous series shows a poetic desire to fathom and shape reality, and provide it with unique signposts.

Frans Masereel Centrum is also showing several of Jean Glibert’s ‘paintings’. It’s a series of industrial paintings that show the artist to be experimenting with the resistance of sensitive carriers such as chalk paper, that he confronts with energetic solids. This process posits a harmonious conciliation of two worlds that were never before thought to be predestined to meet.

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