15.09.2018–09.12.2018 Lolo's Entanglements De Warande

Stefan Bertalan, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Frank JMA Castelyns, Nicaise de Keyser, Olaf Holzapfel, Bernd Lohaus, Florin Mitroi, Felicitas Rohden, Kostas Sahpazis, Gregor Schneider, Thomas Schütte, Qiu Shihua, Helmut Stallaerts, Axelle Stiefel, Achraf Touloub, Mitja Tušek, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Lien Van Ranst, Antoine Waterkeyn

The title that artist Helmut Stallaerts has chosen for this exhibition refers to the English writer D.H. Lawrence (Lolo), who is best known to the general public from his novel "Lady Chatterley's lover". Lawrence was of the opinion that eroticism is fundamental to life. He himself maintained a casual lifestyle in this area and wrote openly about it. This was not always welcomed in the beginning of the 20th century.
In contrast to the general spirit of his time, the novels of D.H. Lawrence go against a static vision of the world. In his view everything is connected and there is a chain of reactions that can be caused by a minor change.

'Entanglement' has been the 'talk of the town' in science for some time now. The concept origins from quantum physics. Recently, some old theories have been confirmed by new and better experiments. In quantum physics, people are even talking about 'the age of entanglement' (the age of cross-linking.) You observe, but at the same time you are also part of the observation. You can see such entanglement in other areas of our lives as well. Just think about love. There is an erotic interwovenness of souls and bodies, of spiritual and sensual powers, of life and death.

In this exhibition Helmut Stallaerts wants to reveal entanglements or just subtly touch them. His artistic quest leads him to long gone times, in which artists painted on ivory or skulls. This had a ritual function. Dead matter was brought to life, to recharge and strengthen the object with an inherent power. That is also what the artists do in this exhibition, also in the way in which they interact. They confront us with a deeper truth that usually remains hidden in the dark. They show the fears that keep us in an impasse. A connection is made through their artworks. They allow us to overcome our fears caused by the isolated state in which man finds himself from the moment he was disconnected from the whole and from nature.


14 September at 8 pm
opening with Dirk De Wachter and Astrid Wittebolle
please rsvp to expo@warande.be