14.12.2019–01.03.2020 Lost in Translation De Warande
Lost in Translation

Philip Aguirre y Otegui (BE), Amer Al Akel (SY), Fadi al-Hamwi (SY), Marwan Bassiouni (CH), Charif Benhelima (BE), Nisrine Boukhari (SY), William Cobbing (UK), Joost Conijn (NL), Manaf Halbouni (SY), Mona Hatoum (PS), Richard Mos se (IE), Maryam Najd (IR), Arash Nassiri (IR), Ria Pacquée (BE), Sven ’t Jolle (BE), Koen Theys (BE), Nasan Tur (DE), Ari Versluis/Ellie Uyttenbroek (NL), Artur Żmijewski (PL)

The very existence of Belgium has always provided a layered identity for its inhabitants. You are Flemish and Belgian at the same time. Both Brussels and Flemish. But this is also the case for newcomers. They are Iraqi, but at the same time Flemish. Syrian and at the same time Belgian. Ghanaian and at the same time from ‘de Kempen’. Surinamese and at the same time from Turnhout. Identity is not an established fact. Events in our lives determine who we are. The confrontation with others makes us think about ourselves.

Themes that are discussed include the relationship to ‘the other’, memories of the home and the passing of time. Getting to know ‘the other’ is like a gateway. The newcomer himself also feels the need to integrate, but at the same time, away from home, he has the need to retain his own identity. Memories of the home country can be very strong. They provide comfort but at the same time they reinforce the loss. They occur in dreams, but also in nightmares. Sounds, smells and colors activate those memories. Some choose radically to let go, others to cling. Time is a confrontational given. You need a lot of patience to obtain refugee status, and even afterwards waiting takes a central place.

Curatorial team
Ali Nazir Ali (founder Omnes vzw and Arab Cartoon Festival)
Annelies Nagels (programmer visual arts de Warande)
Glenn Geerinck (assistant programmer visual arts de Warande)
The exhibition "Lost in Translation" is a collaboration between de Warande and Omnes vzw.