Christine Clinckx

Finissage Lover Boy | Music performance DJ CCC

Finissage, Sunday 26 June, 2 - 6pm
solo show Lover Boy by Christine Clinckx

Music Performance DJ CCC 'Cellule Combattants Collagists'

Eva Steynen.Deviation(s) is proud to present the second solo exhibition by multimedia artist, performer and activist Christine Clinckx. She shows a new series of large-format photographic prints, made with an early 20th-century large-format camera obscura and using a 19th-century wet-plate collodion process.

In combination with this series, Clinckx presents new works from an ongoing project based on a combination of found landscape photographs and family pictures. By cutting these images up and then manipulating them, their original meaning and function are disturbed and transformed. The figures become ghosts, haunting the landscape of the past.

Clinckx combines historic and contemporary photographic techniques, giving rise to serendipitous and evocative imperfections—streaks, scratches, spots, and pits that estrange the original subject. Her installation-like exhibitions create a space that directs the viewer inwards, immersed in the surrounding works.

Clinckx' work shows how the past continuously penetrates the present and how we relate to this interaction amongst contemporary events and personal experiences, combining anonymous historical sources of familial relationships with private autobiographical narratives and critical engagement. Referring both literally and figuratively to the passage of time, capturing tensions between nature, history and memory.

Artists: Christine Clinckx