3rd Bachelor Graphic Design

Lunacy: Moon & ...

We, students of the third Bachelor Graphic Design, welcome you to our multidisciplinary exposition titled "Lunacy". We invite you to climb aboard on a visual journey that transcends the earthly bounds. Within this space, the moon takes on the role as our muse.

This exposition presents different topics that capture the essence of our lunar companion. Everything exhibited, serves as a visual dialogue echoing the cultural, scientific and emotional connections we share with the moon.

Join us as we unveil “Lunacy”, where art meets lunar mystique. May this exposition deepen your connection with the moon's everlasting allure.

Open: 25 January (vernissage): 18h – 21h30, 26 January 14h – 20h30, 27 January: 14h – 17h

@ Showroom Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Vanschoonbekestraat 143, 2018 Antwerpen

Artists: 3rd Bachelor Graphic Design

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