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We are proud to present the first solo show at our gallery of Marc De Blieck ( °1958 BE)
Monuments that look like images (of monuments). Photographs depicting monuments. Photographs of monuments that look like photographs of monuments. Photographs that look like photographs. Images in which all dimensions have been reduced to a flat surface. What could be the meaning of that reduction? Can it add anything? These are questions that can be asked about the oeuvre of Marc De Blieck - and that he also asks himself.
Contrary to what this questioning might evoke, the oeuvre of Marc De Blieck is unusually rich in meticulously worked-out images that result in works that provide the spectator with an aesthetic experience beyond measure when getting to the bottom of them.
Moreover, Marc De Blieck returns to his first practice as a painter. This summer, in the group exhibition "The beginning of the 21st century" in our gallery, Marc De Blieck showed some new works painted with photo ink on Japanese paper. He says: "They are not compositions, they are the result of procedures. They are traces, not writings, they cannot be read as a scripture. It has a lot to do with the black box of photography, with a magical game that one can never control. It only has meaning when you play it together.

Marc De Blieck lives and works in Gent.

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