Marc Rossignol


Marc Rossignol (° Namur, 1954, lives and works in Brussels) Painting and drawing simultaneously with right and left hand is since 2004 part of Marc Rossignol’s artistic practice as well in his performances whilst at the same time reciting Edouard Glissant, François Cheng, Pasolini. Rossignol is inspired by the topological drawings of the Vanuatu (sandroing) and the Lusona Tshokwé because of their Eulerian character .“To draw or to paint simultaneously with right and left hand, is to install a tension, which is physical and appealing to the mind at the same time; The physical experience is guiding the mind becoming pure sensitive.” The exhibition Entre-deux will show Marc Rossignol's recent works. "I paint on paper and canvas on the floor simultaneously with 2 hands and 2 long handle brushes. I place the brushes on 2 opposite points, which I call “source”. This is where everything happens. This is also the title of the exhibition: “Entre-deux” – “Between- two”.

Artists: Marc Rossignol

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