07.05.2021–11.07.2021 Michèle Magema: Watermarks, silent traces Kunsthal Extra City

For her first solo exhibition in Belgium, multidisciplinary artist Michèle Magema will present new work in Kunsthal Extra City’s chapel space. With ‘Watermarks, silent traces’, the artist utilises various different media, including drawing, photography and installation. For this project Magema takes inspiration from the personal stories of the Congolese diaspora in the 1980s and 90s, examining the notion of collective intimacy. How do you put something into words that is not often spoken of? How do you capture the essence of a collective intimacy without completely exposing it? Through intimate experiences, Magema explores the silent traces left by a Congolese generation marked by its destabilised political context.

With the chapel space of its new location, Kunsthal Extra City seeks to offer a platform for refreshing voices and new ideas. The solo project ‘Watermarks, silent traces’ by Michèle Magema was proposed and organised by guest curator Sorana Munsya.

More info and reservations via extracity.org


After a long wait, Kunsthal Extra City is finally set to reopen its doors on the weekend of Friday 7 to Sunday 9 May. Kunsthal Extra City will be unveiling three projects to mark the inauguration of its new location in the deconsecrated Dominican church and chapel.

The church offers the space for the large group exhibition ‘Radically Naive / Naively Radical’, curated by Extra City's new artistic coordinator Joachim Naudts. In the chapel, guest curator Sorana Munsya invites multidisciplinary artist Michèle Magema for her first Belgian solo exhibition, ‘Watermarks, silent traces’. For the project ‘Periphery’, five artists and one artist duo have created new, semi-permanent work in the peripheral areas of the church and chapel.