Christine Clinckx

5 minutes / 1940

5 Minutes / 1940

“Wat do you take with you when you have to leave your house in 5 minutes?”
Since 1995, in her exhibitions Christine Clinckx confronts the public with this question. With the items they choose she makes with real objects three-dimensional portraits. This acute question not only shows what people find precious, but also their approach to life.

During the opening of her first solo show at Eva Steynen.Deviation(s) visitors can write down their answer and let their 'portrait' made.

In dialogue with her photographic work Clinckx made for this exhibition a portrait of the Belgian philosopher Jaap Kruythof (1929 - 2009). This fictive portrait 'De dingen des persoon' is made out of an ad random selection of a collection of 10.000objects Kruythof left to the MAS (Upcycling Kruithofcollectie), as in his writings he denounced consumer-society and promoted the circular economy.

This sculpture Clinckx puts into dialogue with her ongoing photographic project '1940'. A series that documents an object her mother and grandmother took, in the hope to make money out of it, while they where on the run for the bombings during WW2.
Real objects or persons Clinckx shows in her photographic work beyond all recognition. In this way she puts the choice of two refugees, here her ancestors, into today, by showing respect to their choice to keep the object not visible.

Artists: Christine Clinckx

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