Nadia Naveau


The work of Antwerp-based artist Nadia Naveau (°1975, Bruges, lives and works in Antwerp and Saint-Bonnet-Tronçais) starts with clay in her studio, her modeling hands and an immense imaginary database of (art-historical) visual material. As if they were three-dimensional collages, she fuses references from classical antiquity, baroque and/or modernism with elements from popular culture, cartoons and personal memories.
This results in eclectic, humorous and often daring sculptures and installations, which consist of various materials such as bronze, plaster, ceramics, polyester and rubber. Balancing between absurd, figurative and abstract, they play a seductive game with form, scale and color.
Throughout her career, Nadia Naveau enters into a playful dialogue with her work. With BRINGER TOGETHER she offers a retrospective on sculptures from the last fifteen years. For the first time, the artist brings some of her key works together with a series of new monumental sculptures in a museum-like setting.

As a visitor, the exhibition gives you an insight into Naveaus working process and visual language through a surprising scenography. You imagine yourself in a pictorial puzzle, a visual experience that builds further on references from our personal and collective memories, from then and now.

Free entrance.

Artists: Nadia Naveau

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