Chris Meulemans

Natural Renaissance

Chris Meulemans' floral portraits are characterized by a great directness in the execution that emphasizes the act of making.
Chris conveys the essence of their appearance, spontaneity and liberty of gestures revealing the sadness and humor hidden beneath manipulation and manufacturability of nature.
Her ideas mature in drawings and collages, but on canvas they are organically questioned again, based on the flow of imagination and plain creative impulse since her practice underwent a considerable evolution with regard to both her technique and materials.
She experiments in innovative ways, using various tools to fling and guide paint which implies a desire to develop her new kind of visual expression, often displaying dazzling effects and nuanced textures.
Indeed, the directness and honesty of the picture testify to Meulemans’ beloved botanical subject, which she shapes in an unrestrained idiosyncratic way, makes you reflect on the sensual perception of flowers and plants.
Authenticity, decisiveness, restoring balance and a solution-oriented approach are social ideals that Meulemans pursues in her personal life as well as in her artistic career.

Artists: Chris Meulemans

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