NICC Talk: parenthood

Are you an artist with children? Or do you work with artists who have children and would like to be child-friendly? Then be sure to come listen to the NICC Talk: Ouderschap / Parenthood (This NICC Talk will be held in English).

During a panel discussion, three artists; Cleo Fariselli, Yannick Ganseman and Olivia Hernaïz will each highlight a different aspect of what it means to be a parent as an artist. The three sub-topics are:

  1. Collaborations with presentation institutions
  2. (Child-friendly) artist residencies
  3. Parenthood/fatherhood as a theme in the artistic practice

Important to note is that you (the audience) helped determine the input for the panel discussion, for this, we asked you to fill out a questionnaire about what it means to be a parent as an artist.

Based on the NICC Talk: Ouderschap / Parenthood we want to produce a model document afterwards that can serve as a basis for negotiations with institutions. The document may include very concrete proposals such as providing flexible build-up hours consistent with having a child.

There's a limited capacity, so if interested please subscribe via

Friday 2 June from 3pm to 5pm.

Bar of Kunsthal Extra City

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