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Nick Geboers (° Herentals, 1987) graduated in 2014 as a Master of Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. As a photographer, he explores the medium through various instruments and techniques to generate different photographic image types. Nature is a broad and overarching topic that Geboers returns to. He photographs places that contain traces, places in which different layers of time often come together.

The title he chooses for his work in the Warande is "Ginnungagap". It is a word from the Poetic Edda that refers to an abyss of apparent emptiness from which the cosmos was formed. As a photographer, the word Ginnungagap reminds him of the chemical process in analogue photography, in which images seem to arise from nothing. According to the creation stories of the Old Edda, the Ginnungagap was the meeting place between mists and fire, full of forces that did not yet have a divine order (chaos). A primordial stream that transformed into firmer forms of energy and matter, which formed the principles or building blocks of creation.

Nick Geboers' photos show a combination of nature observations, traces of human presence, inevitable leaps in time and interfaces between nature and culture. For the creation of his work Nick Geboers regularly returns to a number of places, such as the forests of Postel (small village in De Kempen region). He finds something there that is hard to explain with words. These places evoke a primordial feeling, something that is deeply rooted in us, but still rarely comes to the surface. It is this feeling that drives him to take pictures.
By way of exception, he adds an image of an anonymous human figure: Loloman. Under the name Loloman he sporadically brings out music, performances and short stories. The rarely seen public appearances of this Loloman look like a shamanic appearance that shares a vision of man's place in the cosmos. The merciless struggle in which Loloman sees and describes things is painfully real.

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