Sina Hensel & Hannah Mevis

Pale Burnt Lake - Finissage

Welcome at the last day of the duo exhibition of Sina Hensel (1986 Mainz DE) & Hannah Mevis (1989 Heidelberg DE): Pale Burnt Lake. "As the warming of the climate accelerates, cells, bodies and landscapes redden or blush more frequently. Rising temperatures cause lakes to turn vermilion, skins to burn or the noses of cats to darken into one of the many shades of rose. Yet, opposed to the clock high up in the train station that tells us to hurry, those many blushings happen on their own timeline. The ephemeral quality of a blush in a human takes few seconds to appear, triggered by an outward experience which turns inward. The blushing of seas or oceans can take months to build up, slowly turning from green to orange to finally crimson." ex. Blushing Sina Hensel -2022. Hannah Mevis 'research is rooted in the question „what sculptures must feel like holding the same position throughout a lifetime?“
She is especially interested in the depiction of the female body and how it has been utilized to introduce gender-stereotypes into our society. Furthermore, she is seeking physical experiences with the aim to unlearn the body-mind-dualism.

Artists: Sina Hensel & Hannah Mevis

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