Paul Bourgeois en Jef Faes

In the world of art, mentorship often plays a crucial role in shaping an artist's journey. This is beautifully exemplified in the exhibition featuring two remarkable individuals, Jef Faes and his former professor, Paul Bourgeois.
Paul Bourgeois (1941), known for his unconventional technique, captivates audiences with his mastery of perforations through various materials. His artwork weaves a delicate dance of light and shadow, creating intricate patterns that reveal the hidden beauty within everyday materials. The poetic perforations made with a nail through the surfaces, appear to weave a tangible tale.
Jef Faes (1972), on the other hand, operates at the intriguing intersection of science and art. His creations are a vibrant canvas where color, natural patterns, and geometric structures come alive.
One of his most remarkable projects is a collaborative effort with bees, where he explores the synergy between these industrious insects and the creative process.
Faes is primarily concerned with the form: natural patterns and geometric structures that complement and complete each other, the honeycomb as a perfect hexagon is a beautiful example.

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