Paulo Monteiro

The Middle Distance

Zeno X Gallery presents Paulo Monteiro’s second solo exhibition: The Middle Distance. The exhibition contains new sculptures, paintings and works on paper.

Paulo Monteiro, b. 1961 in São Paulo (BR), lives and works in São Paulo (BR). Paulo Monteiro’s oeuvre consists of drawings, paintings and sculptures with the line as their main theme. He explores the possibilities of the line as an organic and dynamic but also controlled principle. The line also functions as a boundary that demarcates zones. In his paintings, he pushes the paint forward with his fingers, causing it to pile up and create edges. He treats paint as a material rather than a colour. He moulds his sculptures as three-dimensional lines, folding, connecting and cutting them. The relation to the surrounding space is of elementary importance, as is the spatial relation between the different media when they are combined – often playfully – on the wall.

Artists: Paulo Monteiro