Pepa Ivanova

HERFST early mornings

This exhibition resulted from experiences during my frequent travels to the countryside of Belgium. In particular a place I found during one of my first walks near Kasterlee, Vlaams-Brabant. Crossing the forest, my paths lead into a field with strange futures of the socalled ‘green highway’. The highway road is moved underground and the top becomes a linking area, green field of the divided forest. Several muddy pathways marked by tire trails, footprints, and paws crossing the field, covered unevenly with grass and orange fragile mushrooms, there is a big puddle kind of a lake, where I scared once a grey heron.

In addition to the landscape the highway maintenance facilities and the ventilation are erected. Two rows by three small houses are placed in an exact distance of each other, covered by brown-read rust with a single window –like ventilation and a door with a lock. My curiosity made me wish to enter one of them as if a portal to another dimension.

To layer the experience I initiated an early morning video recording of one point of the journey on the way as I have seen it at different early morning hours. For this book, I have made a specific video with different points of views of the landscape, while slowly lighted of the sunrise. It is a cloudy, cold morning as mostly to be experienced in this time of the day and the season.

Pepa Ivanova

Artists: Pepa Ivanova

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