Peter Morrens


This spring de Warande Expo will exhibit an artist that is difficult to categorize. Peter Morrens wields various visual languages: he draws and writes under several names, creates objects and artist publications, develops performances, paints, and designs architectural installations. All these aspects of his oeuvre are brought together in one big total installation, with which he gives a new conception to his work. His artistic production could best be described as "explosive".
Peter Morrens himself preferably plays the role of disruptor in his multiform, ever-changing oeuvre. By continuously looking to the world, he questions everything around him with the necessary dose of confusing humor. Our daily use of language and social behavior, our existential doubts, the general conventions in the art world and political propositions are critically being exposed this way. His own creations and biographical anecdotes included.

With the exhibition MINSTENS 1 ½ UUR, EN TERUG (at least 1 ½ hours, and back), Morrens doesn’t want to offer the visitor an overview of his work, but an insight in it. Because of his disbelief in chronology or autonomy, he shows both old and new creations. Via different (short) roads he involves the visitor in his worldview: a game of watching and being watched.
In a designed cabinet the artist brings together artworks of different (inter)national colleagues. In this cabinet, you’ll recognize his fascination for time, sensuality, sex, unrest, ambiguity, absurdity and confusion. He also makes new collaborative work with lots of artist friends.

Artists: Peter Morrens

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