A new spin on the launderette

The launderette is not exactly the most aesthetic place in the world. In fact,
most people don’t spend more time there than necessary. For visual artist
Polly Pollet though, it is a place of inspiration. During Antwerp Art Weekend
she transforms Gallery Dewael 15 into a reimagined launderette, offering a
humorous and surprising perspective on a place we never really pay full
attention to.

Laundry pods, fabric softeners, humming machines and cryptic washing
instructions. Entering a launderette means entering a world with its own
items, rules, and visual language. It is part of what attracted Polly Pollet in
making it the focus of her newest solo exhibition:

“Where others see monotony, I see opportunity. True inspiration, for me, is
often found in the little corners you don’t notice and the moments you
overlook. A laundromat is one of those places - a place of waiting, too. During
the idle moments you spend there, it can be a canvas for artistic expression.
It’s in those moments of pause that I find the space to reflect and to create.
After all, art is a sort of alchemy of perception, a twist that transforms the
ordinary and translates it into visual poetry.” - Polly Pollet

The exhibition fits into a larger project, where Polly explores spaces that play
a big role in our daily lives, but that never really spark much second thought.
‘Pollet Wasserette’ is the second part of this ongoing series. Her previous
exhibition, ‘Polly Express – Into The Night’ saw her reclaiming a night shop in
Brussels. The works on display there focused on the relationship between
mass consumerism and our own guilty pleasures.

This time around, with ‘Pollet Wasserette’, she turns her attention towards the
colorful packaging of laundry products, the rhythmical and cyclical patterns
of the laundry machines, and the sheer amount of time that people spend in a
launderette. The result is an exhibition that is both playful and contemplative,
combining serious reflection with good-natured fun and artistic pleasure.


Also happening at POLLET WASSERETTE