Arpaïs Du Bois

(pour) retendre l’atmosphère

Gallery FIFTY ONE is thrilled to announce Arpaïs Du Bois’ fourth solo show. With an exciting scenography, an atypical explosion of colour, an evolution towards painting and a brand new and beautifully published book, this exhibition marks a new step in Du Bois’ artistic journey that is well worth exploring in person.

An exhibition of Arpaïs Du Bois (Belgium, 1973) is always a spatial experience, and this time it is no different. True to her perpetual search to understand and control the rooms in which she exhibits, the artist reshaped both levels of the gallery space. The walls she imagined and built, create a kind of reversed perspective and hinder the visitors in their way, inviting them to stroll around a slalom itinerary at their own pace. The scenography pushes us into a distorted vision and perception of our surroundings, which for the artist is an architectural translation of the way she experiences actual society in a broad sense. ’Pour retendre l’atmosphère’, with a wink.

Next to this intervention in the exhibition space, the faithful followers of Du Bois’ artistic journey may be pleased and surprised by an unexpected explosion of colour in her work that occurred about two years ago. The use of earthly, darkish colours has been a signature aspect of Du Bois’ pictorial output for a long time. It seems, however, that recently the most accurate way for her to deal with global issues - be they notified in the most intimate whispering or bold cry outs - is an addition of saturated colour to her usually somber palette.
Her work has also grown more painterly over the last years, leaving the drawing as such behind and investigating the limits of paper. It is therefore with pleasure that we announce that for the first time since many years, works on canvas will be part of the exhibition. They echo Du Bois’ works on paper, forming a common output.

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