Marie Julia Bollansée


New video installations by Marie Julia Bollansée

"A prosthesis makes possible what one cannot do without it (anymore). It transforms the user into a cyborg with extended aspects.
This artwork contains four prostheses, a pair to put on your feet and a pair for your hands. They are knitted in pure sheep’s wool by an old and wise lady. Along the construction process the lady made them to be powerful devices, as she embedded in them her devotion and care.
When you are equiped with these prostheses, you have the power to step into a zone of tenderness and compassion.
After some exercise you don’t need these devices anymore, as humaneness becomes your natural state of being. You can preserve the prostheses fastened into the blue tarpaulin as a back-up." Marie Julia Bollansée, 2017

Artists: Marie Julia Bollansée

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