Nicolas Baeyens, Maarten Inghels, Joost Pauwaert, Alexandra Phillips


What happens when an artist destroys his work? Is the work merely a packaging of an idea and are remnants of it equally good for carrying that same idea? Can the destruction of a work as an action or performance increase the importance of that work?

Based on these research questions, on the initiative of Maarten Inghels and Nicolas Baeyens, the exhibition 'Remains' was created, which opens at Coppejans Gallery during the Antwerp Art Weekend 2024.

This exhibition brings together work by four artists around the theme “the creative power of destruction. In addition to work by Inghels and Baeyens, the exhibition also features work by Joost Pauwaert and Alexandra Phillips. Pauwaert builds machines in wood or metal, cannons and heavy or large objects such as saw blades or anvils. Explosions and fire are used in performances and videos he records of his self-destructive installations, such as a burning merry-go-round, for example. Phillips' work, in turn, shows a much softer side. She unravels everyday materials to their essence, then reuses them in creating sculptures and wall works. Her works show us the true potential of banal objects and fabrics that we otherwise pass by. In her making process, the works are often reworked or transformed where the residues created in that process can also be reused.

Artists: Nicolas Baeyens, Maarten Inghels, Joost Pauwaert, Alexandra Phillips

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