Ria Pacquée. Solotentoonstelling

In the summer of 2018 the Warande presents a large solo exhibition of Ria Pacquée. The oeuvre of this Antwerp pioneer of performance art is characterized by a sharp (photographic) gaze, political commentary and a dose of humor.
Besides performances she brings photos, videos and sculptures. Pacquée is far from an intrusive activist. In a period in which women, including in art, claimed their rights, she continued to seek public life at her own pace. The street, the market, the cemetery are her main 'stray grounds'. As a contemporary tramp, Pacquée approaches the street as a lively set in which she moves as a discreet observer. Now spectator (through photos and videos), then participant (through performances), Pacquée rattles the most elementary questions of existence. Often she is surprised about the mechanism behind certain (religious or otherwise) rituals.
This exhibition is an unpublished walk in the footsteps of an artistic wanderer at the crossroads between resourceful street rat and vigorous pilgrim.

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