Rik Moens

Rik Moens - Limbic Dialectical Residue

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the exhibition Limbic Dialectical Residue stays on view at our gallery. We will post photo's and video's on our website and on AntwerpArt platform during the coming weeks.
New paintings en kinetic sculptures: the "0 - 1 Promental Attractor I", and II (made with the help of NV Dirk De Nul) are elegantly exposed. Rik Moens’ paintings are built up in an almost ritual manner, layer upon layer, and in this way, they become the performative carriers of an extremely meticulous process of creation, which can take months to complete. The translation of Moens’ dedication to the medium of painting is evident not only in how he paints, but also in the way he questions the accepted conventions of his medium. Rik Moens paints in acrylics, manipulating the paint in different consistencies and, like an accomplished alchemist, he experiments with a range of additives, including thickeners and glues. The drying process does not always take place as expected and the paint may shrink, ripple or crack. shrink, ripple or crack. In this aspect of ‘accident’, the artist sees the opportunity of incorporating this result as an aesthetic element in the work.

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