Bogenna Ivana

Roasted not Toasted

Bogenna Ivana (°1993) is a Dutch-Surinamese allround artist and designer. She teaches at Thomas More in Mechelen (BE) and is communication and social media manager for Nightwatch at FOMU. Besides, Bogenna is also barista and she creates content for Caffènation in Antwerp.

During Roasted not Toasted, barista and artist Bogenna Ivana will take you through the process of roasting coffee beans. From a rather bland-tasting green bean with a pleasant earthy scent, the coffee bean changes during roasting into a dark-colored flavor bomb. During the workshop you can see, smell and taste the difference between 'dark roasted' and 'light roasted' coffee. The link to toasted bread is not far.

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Photo: © Isabelle Emmy

Artists: Bogenna Ivana

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