SHOW + EXPO 2023

SHOW + EXPO 2023
9 + 10 JUNE
The Antwerp Fashion Department is getting ready for the biggest fashion happening of the year! The 360th anniversary of the Academy and the 60th of its Fashion Department make this edition extra festive. On Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June, all fashion lovers and professionals are expected at the Waagnatie for the SHOW and EXPO of Antwerp fashion students.
The Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - AP Hogeschool, will occupy two spaces of the Waagnatie with creations by its fashion students. In one hall, the public gathers around the catwalk for the SHOW of the bachelors and masters, while in the other EXPO hall, the collections of the masters can be admired up close.

More than 120 ambitious young fashion makers, from all over the world, will bring their designs to life and display their pieces on the SHOW catwalk. From the earliest 1BA designs, to the costumes and full collections of the 2BA and 3BA and ending with the final master collections: the Antwerp Fashion Department resolutely chooses to give all students a platform during their unique and celebratory end-of-year presentation.

In the EXPO, the 15 master students will present their collections. This set-up is conceived as an installation for the international jury but will be opened for the public. A unique opportunity to admire the designs up close before seeing them pass on the catwalk!

This year's SHOW and EXPO are under the creative supervision of Brandon Wen for the first time. Brandon: “This year is gonna be big. With the SHOW itself, the EXPO of the Masters, the offSHOW exhibitions in the city, AND our 60th birthday, we are going all out to show off our department. We have all the spent the year creating, dreaming, drawing, sewing and emailing to make something very beautiful and very dynamic and it is going to be so much fun. Come be inspired and come be a part of this first year of a new generation of Antwerp.”




9 JUNE — 10€ PRESALE | 15€ DOOR
10 JUNE — 10€ PRESALE | 15€ DOOR


SHOW + EXPO 2023
9 + 10 JUNE
18:00 → bar + food trucks
18:00-20:00 → EXPO
20:00 → SHOW

Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150, Antwerp