Dominique Somers

Solaris 20

SOLARIS 20 shows the result of the collaboration between Belgian artist Dominique Somers and artist run gallery Violet. It is the first of a series of artistic collaborations where Somers invites different artists to interpret and rewrite works from her archive.
The term ‘graphology’ is perhaps most associated with: ‘the art or science of inferring persons character, disposition and aptitudes from the peculiarities of his handwriting’. As such, graphology is a somewhat outmoded discipline and is rarely called upon to solve a crime or to supply a diagnosis. As a term, however, graphology aptly sums up the notion that in the act of writing and drawing, both the hand and the psyche, the medium and the mind, are implicated, and that perhaps it is impossible to separate one from the other.
from: Edwin Carels, Graphology, 'Drawing from automatism and automation, 2012'.

The show will be open for public on:
Saturday 18 March, from 14—18h
Sunday 19 March, from 14—18h
Friday 24 March, from 14—18h
Saturday 25 March, from 14—18h
Sunday 26 March, from 14—18h
Friday 31 March, from 18—21h (BORGER)
Saturday 1 April, from 14—18h
Sunday 2 April, from 14—18h
Saturday 15 April, from 14—18h
Sunday 16 April, from 14—18h
or by appointment.

Artists: Dominique Somers

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