Luc Vleugels en Elvis Borrey


Elvis Borrey (°1999, Belgium) is an Afropean artist living and working in Antwerp.
He has an intuitive approach to his art, relying on his instinct to guide him.
His collages illustrate this approach, focusing on achieving balance and prioritising the rhythm and composition of the image.
His work deals with themes of racial identity, isolation and hope, providing insight into his surroundings and interests through found images and examples. He sees his creations as a reflection of himself and his values.

Luc Vleugels (°1961, Belgium) uses various forms of expression: photography, objects, collage, knitting, and installations in which he masters the game of composition.
Forms of expression that give us a multitude of messages and information, and at the same time do justice to the beauty and purity of forms or objects.
In his works, Vleugels draws our attention to impermanence and the history we try to write for ourselves. Himself endowed with a sharp eye and great sensitivity to details, he urges us to look more closely.

Both artists make decisions in response to what instinctively plays out.
The expo is about an insatiable desire for the pleasure that lies in the search.

Artists: Luc Vleugels en Elvis Borrey

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