The exceptional exhibition LIMBO by STEFAAN DHEEDENE is extended until 17 June and through mid August you can visit the exhibition by appointment after email or phone call.
Stefaan Dheedene is born in Kortrijk-Belgium, (1975, lives and works in Ghent – Belgium
He is Head Department Autonomous Art and lector at KASK, Ghent).
Stefaan Dheedene is concerned with the functional, unpretentious object. He subjects it to non-functional study, to observation and exercise; he applies experimental, material procedures to it. His artistic production, consisting mainly but not exclusively of sculptural work and installations, is controlled, as it were, by ‘findings’; by an unintentionally revealed potential for imitation, association, or transformation. In the studio – practice, workshop, thinking place - another 'political' order is imposed on us: a kind of shift of role and meaning.

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