Ken'ichiro Taniguchi, Wannes Lecompte


During the Antwerp Art Weekend Eva Steynen Gallery will open the duo exhibition 'tiptoe' by Wannes Lecompte (°1979, B) and Ken'ichoro Taniguchi (°1976, JP). Both Lecompte, as a painter, and Taniguchi, as a sculptor, have developed a very personal visual language, that show a lot of similarities in their concept of lightness, rhythm and form.

WANNES LECOMPTE, works and lives in Brussels, celebrates the essence of painting itself. His new series of 'Symphonic Poems' are playful compositions of form, colour and texture. By convoking and provoking chance, Lecompte waits, in a voluntary slow process, until abstract figurations of colour present themselves, surrounded by the emptiness of the canvas.

KEN'ICHIRO TANIGUCHI, working and living in Berlin and Sapporo, presents a new series of his light and poppy 'hecomi' sculptures. These yellow so-called 'hecomi’ are based on found cracks fissures, and damage created by nature on roads, walls, and other man-made surfaces in the Antwerp urban space. The larger ‘city-scape’ is based on the Antwerp city map. These transformations, through craftsmanship, represent the attempt to change the negative being of the Japanese verb 'heko-mu' to something light, pop, and positive. Taniguchi is artist in residence, doing fieldwork for the future Antwerp Hecomi Map, focusing on the Brialmont forts.

Both artists will be present during the opening.

On Sunday 19 May, during an interactive performance, Lecompte will be creating an edition of 'kiesvormen', based on the templates he used for his paintings.

Wannes Lecompte, Symfonie in 5 delen #3, oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm
Ken'ichiro Taniguchi, City Study for Antwerp, Belgium #1 & 2, 2024, compressed PVC, brass, steel, acrylic plate

Artists: Ken'ichiro Taniguchi, Wannes Lecompte

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