Claude Cattelain, Jot Fau

To the Bone

To the Bone reflects on the age-old duality of body and spirit. The room-filling construction by Claude Cattelain (BE, 1972) references the Greek mythological figure of Sisyphus tirelessly pushing his boulder up the mountain, while the twelve surrounding sculptural gestures by Jot Fau (BE, 1987) act as a bridge between intimate and collective stories.

Inspired by the architectural setting of the former Dominican chapel, the two artists present an integral installation. Building on the symbolism of the Dominicans (Domini canis, the Lord’s dog) they immersed themselves in the metaphor of the powerful instinct of animality.

The dual exhibition To the Bone was proposed by guest curator Septembre Tiberghien. It is presented as part of Kunsthal Extra City’s New Voices project, which seeks to offer a platform for refreshing voices and new ideas.

Artists: Claude Cattelain, Jot Fau

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