Ulrike Mundt & Celina Vleugels

The duo exhibition of Ulrike Mundt and Celina Vleugels is set to be an immersive journey at the crossroads of art and design.

Ulrike Mundt utilizes perfectly constructed spatial bodies and high-gloss surfaces to evoke a sense of importance. Employing various strategies, such as a cartoonish visual jest or a signal language that traverses the void, she disrupts the self-referential discourse of her works and in doing so formulates a critique of beautiful appearance and the simplification of complex relationships.

Celina Vleugels delves deep into the human psyche with her delicate drawings and textile creations. She looks into the depths of loss, self-protection, and self-identity, unveiling layers of self-reflection beneath the soft exterior of her work. Vleugels skillfully navigates the weighty terrain of existence and translates existential concerns into a delicate sensation of lightness with her chosen materials.

Together, Mundt and Vleugels create a harmonious fusion of the massive and the delicate. The combination is an interplay between strength and fragility, offering insights into the complexity of human existence.

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