Anna Godzina

Landscape Set to Music

On December 5, Anna Godzina will present
'Landscape Set to Music', her first vinyl record.

"One of the most important aspects for this project was to invite professional musicians and composers in order to use their expertise and create musical pieces that are combining the industrial aspect of my sound sculptures with classical music. Yannick Heeren had used cubase workstation, a digital audio program that allowed him to create a practicable template of written musical scores from the recorded sounds taken from the kinetic sound installations produced by me. The frequency speed of the motor from the installations became the tonal center of the compositions. The energy mass, movement, intensity of irregularities produced by the machines are embodied into rhythmical patterns. "

Credits :
Anna Godzina - Composer
Yannick Heeren- composer
Cornelia Zambila - viola performer
Hanna Kolbel - cello performer
Ricardo Lievano – drums/marimba performer
Adilia Yip - marimba performer
Dries Tack - clarinet performer
Gorik De Smet- sound engineer
Frank Holbein- cover photo
Hans Theys - Text

Artists: Anna Godzina

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