06.06.2020–11.07.2020 Yes, we are open! After walking around the park. Eva Steynen.Deviation(s)

Christine Clinckx, Eline De Clercq, Johannes Ulrich Kubiak, Patrick Keulemans, Jan Verbruggen, Egbert Aerts, Michiel Alberts, Nick Hullegie, Fred Michiels, Michael Laird, Benoit Félix, Robert Soroko

Eva Steynen is happy to announce that the gallery will reopen on Saturday, June 6 with a sparkling group exhibition.

After walking in the park
Opening: Saturday, June 6, 12 - 7pm
11/06 - 11/07/2020

Egbert Aerts | Michiel Alberts | Christine Clinckx | Eline De Clercq | Benoit Félix | Nick Hullegie | Patrick Keulemans |
Johannes Ulrich Kubiak | Michael Laird | Fred Michiels | Robert Soroko | Jan Verbruggen

We are individual islands, but we walk together in these particular times.

The gallery wil be open again during the normal opening hours : Thursday - Saturday : 2 - 6 pm
For private visits give a call first to +32 486 209 564
Stay safe!


Saturday, June 6, 12:00 - 20:00