Ward Van Grimbergen & Vered Ben-Kiki

Vered Ben-Kiki's art defies academic conventions, offering a playful, absurd, and poetic interpretation of the world. Through her whimsical images, Ben-Kiki invites viewers to ponder profound themes while engaging with cartoonesque figures and dadaist-inspired visual language. Her work, drawing inspiration from both art history and everyday life, strikes a balance between familiarity and estrangement.
Ward Van Grimbergen stands out for his extraordinary originality and unconventional methods. His chaotic yet deliberate approach to creation results in striking assemblages of found objects and reused materials, blurring the lines between tradition and innovation. Whether through his intricate ceramic works, dynamic mixed-media compositions or his drawings, Van Grimbergen's art is a testament to his relentless exploration of the boundaries of artistic expression.
While Ben-Kiki and Van Grimbergen approach their art from different angles, their work shares intriguing similarities. Both artists embrace nonconformity, drawing inspiration from everyday objects and situations to create deeply personal expressions. Their commitment to experimentation and innovation unites them as boundary-pushing artists challenging the norms of contemporary art.

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