We need larger antennae

On January 26, during the opening of 'Shadow Pieces' the annual groupshow at Eva Steynen.Deviation(s) in Antwerp, Michel Vaerwijck, photographer and wave artist, will install his large antenna, analogue transmitter and Morse key for his performance 'We need larger antennae'.

During the whole evening the puplic can leave a message that will be send live in Morse into space.
Your message will travel on long waves, and pass the moon after 1,20 seconds, Mars after 7 minutes and leave our Solar System after 5 hours to travel on forever & ever, fighting the inverse square law.
Leave your beautiful message of love, failure, remorse or regret at his desk or mail it to the gallery. You will receive a certificate of transmission.
Like light, humanity becomes visible when it reflects. And probably the strongest testimony of humanity is in the contemplation on fragility in failure, remorse or regret. In this era of doubt we need larger antennae to listen to the signals and send messages, as eternal testimonies of our delicate humanity. So, leave your message now!

You can transmit your short messages right from the heart, the day of the performance or send it now already to the artist: info@c41.be.
or the gallery eva@evasteynen.be


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