Johanna Van Overmeir

Whole Rest (performance)

On Saturday October 16, Johanna Van Overmeir will perform under the title "Hele Rust". The performance takes place on the Falconplein and in the vicinity of the MAS.

Johanna will draw a musical symbol in the streets of Antwerp. She uses pieces of text strung together that together form a string of kilometers long. The action has been performed before, each time with a different musical symbol. This time she makes a whole rest. The musical symbols are part of her 'Symphony for the Universe', her work is like a extra large score that can only be read from a great distance. Just like with the fragmentary information that we receive from all kinds of media channels, it is impossible to see the symbol if we are too close to it. We only get to know the big story if we distance ourselves a little.

Johanna's promotion will run all afternoon. Anyone who visits the gallery between 12.00 and 16.00 can experience part of the performance.

Performance: Whole Rest
16.10.2021, 12.00 - 16.00
Falconplein/environment MAS

Artists: Johanna Van Overmeir

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