Jenny Brosinski

'Wish you were here', Jenny Brosinski

‘Wish You Were Here’ shows large canvases, often larger than life. Brosinski uses these formats because they seem more challenging, it’s as if her body determines the different actions and strokes.

Although her work is not figurative, the human figure is unmistakably present. Due to the considerable sizing, painterly gestures are important. Her canvases are dry, sometimes concise. But bright colors prevail, she uses brush strokes, charcoal and spray paint with a lot of bravado and spontaneity. She is literally fighting with both hands.

The show ‘Wish you were here’, named after Pink Floyd’s 1975 song, brings together a series of paintings and drawings. In this exhibition, Brosinski chants about the same powerlessness, the same inability to return to reality. A way to show in images what you cannot say in words. An inability to reconcile with reality.

Besides the paintings on canvas, Brosinski also shows some works on paper.

Artists: Jenny Brosinski

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