& Pieter Laurens Mol, & Kris Fierens


Code Carambole

An afterimage of aesthetic order.
Annie Gentils Gallery presents works by Pieter Laurens Mol and Kris Fierens PLM + KF = AGG (Spring-formula, Antwerp 2019)
Two ships, whose differences in outward appearance might very well stand out at first glance, sail the same seas.
The exhibition unfolds meridians in the search for a positioning in the world.
PLM and KF organize according to unobserved characteristics.
A chemistry that is expressed through an intuitive approach. Time and again, it is the memory of the spectator that links the trace of the active artist with his – the – world.
PLM and KF have been presenting work in dialogue since the 1980s, apparently yearning for a ruling natural order that is already contained in the matrix of their origin.
PLM and KF each make 'assemblages' with which they navigate the contemporary mental space. A highly disciplined helmsman's art underlies their endeavour: both artists recognize and appreciate in each other's work the need for hesitation as an indispensable seed of creativity.
Wherever amazement emerges, sympathies can develop out of mutual recognition: the challenge of engaging in a new, yet unknown energy, fuelled by fusions. The tingling in the fingers of the artists can best be compared to the nervous wiggling of a compass needle. As with magnetism, the actions in their workplaces are of an enigmatic order, yet nevertheless they determine the course and direction.

Artists: & Pieter Laurens Mol, & Kris Fierens

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