Angel Vergara

Angel Vergara - Les Belles Idée reçues

“La peinture, c'est la vie qui s’échange.”

  • Angel Vergara

Entitled Les Belles Idées reçues, this new series of paintings by Angel Vergara presented at Axel Vervoordt Gallery, finds its origin in his participation during the last Manifesta. The 13th iteration of this nomadic Biennial found place in Marseille. Angel Vergara connected with the locality of this city through a preliminary series of workshops conducted with two groups of children, at a school for the visually impaired and via a non-profit community association active in social housing. These encounters lay at the root of the multiple performances conducted in the streets of Marseille – disguised under a white sheet in his role of Straatman –, where the base layers for these paintings were created. Afterwards, the canvases created on the streets of Marseille during Manifesta 13 travelled back with the artist to his studio in Brussels, where new layers were added. It is here that the paintings, through multiple artistic interventions, found their final form.

Artists: Angel Vergara

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