25.09.2020–10.01.2021 ARCHIVE PRESENTATION: MAIL ART – Communication is art, art is communication M HKA

"Communication is the transmission of information. Mail art is communication-art (via post, telegraphy, telex, telefax, computer, telephone, …). In its most extreme form communication-art is art without material object (for example, telephone art). The products are only the results (registration) of the processes. These products (things, memories, …) are less important than the processes (the activities). Mail art is also process-art. In principle, the mail art activities of interrelationship are more significant than the mail art artefacts."

– Guy Bleus, 1984 (Exploring mail art, in: Commonpress 56, Tienen, 1984, p. 41)

From the various existing mail art archives, such as the ICC archive, the estate of Jef Lambrecht, the Jan van Veen archive and the recent donation of mail art objects from the Bex-De Deyne family, the M HKA reconstructs a number of historical mail art exchanges.

The presentation will feature letters, postcards, posters and collages by Walter Beckers, Guy Bleus, André Cadere, Luc Deleu, Filip Francis, Jef Lambrecht, Carla Meertens, Christine Steel, Endre Tot, Johan Van Geluwe, Han Van Meeuwen and Jan Verhaeghe.