Qeu Meparishvili, Jakub Hajek & František Hanousek

Delving into Bone Liquor

Qeu Meparishvili and Jakub Hajek & František Hanousek present a joint exhibition of ceramic sculptures and ink drawings that delves into the world of mystical curses and the hellish ambivalence of industrial man. This presentation ceremoniously ends their three-month residencies, supported by Europalia and MeetFactory respectively.

Qeu (born 1995, Georgia) lives and works in Tbilisi. Her current work is strongly influenced by her country's cultural history and explores the hidden connections between witchcraft, paganism and the Orthodox Church. She will present clay sculptures depicting elements of a peculiar tradition in a village church in western Georgia, where sorcerers cursed families by driving nails into the walls. With icons and animal sacrifices, they tried to reverse the curse.

Jakub and František (1994, Czech Republic) are based in Prague and Vimperk. Their current work draws especially from the late 19th-century, when the workers’ rights movement and the phenomenon of railways found their roots. They will present a wall piece of ink drawings, in which the artists develop their fantasies and kaleidoscopic views of different historical periods and sentiments in Europe. With a guest contribution by Jakub Hošek (1979, Czech Republic), previously in residence in 2020.

Dates: 09.12–17.12.2023
Hours: Thu–Fri, 1–7pm & Sat–Sun, 11am–6pm
Opening: The artists will give a guided tour on Saturday 9.12 at 3pm
Location: MORPHO (The Refectory), entrance via Kunsthal Extra City (Provinciestraat 112), cross the church and garden to find us

Artists: Qeu Meparishvili, Jakub Hajek & František Hanousek

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