Mario Schifano, Angel Vergara, Sadaharu Horio, Peter Buggenhout

Layered Realities

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is proud to present "Layered Realities", a new group exhibition opening on January 27th.

Drawing inspiration from Schifano's groundbreaking exploration of layers in artistic expression, each featured artist in "Layered Realities" takes us on a journey through their unique interpretation of the multifaceted nature of existence. Schifano's influence is palpable, with his bold use of color, texture, and abstraction serving as a catalyst for the other artists to delve into their own layered narratives.
Angel Vergara, known for his dynamic and spontaneous approach to painting, contributes to the exhibition with works that blur the boundaries between reality and imagination. Sadaharu Horio, a master of experimental art, introduces an element of surprise with his unpredictable and thought-provoking pieces. Meanwhile, Peter Buggenhout's sculptural creations add a tactile dimension to the layered exploration, inviting viewers to engage with the physicality of the art.

Artists: Mario Schifano, Angel Vergara, Sadaharu Horio, Peter Buggenhout

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