Michel Mouffe

Michel Mouffe - Nebel

“That morning on the cliff, a moment of horizon disappears in the thickness of the fog. A memory emerges. The truth remains a visible gleam despite the densest mist. This reminiscence illuminates more than our confinement, the pandemic, and the cohort of past and upcoming changes. It brings me straight back to my field. Like dazzling evidence: to paint visibility differently.”
Michel Mouffe, Formentera, November 2020

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to present Nebel, a new body of work by Michel Mouffe. The choice of the German word for mist or fog unveils an essence of Mouffe’s practice: everything relates to the art of looking, sensory experiences, and the surprising ways our gaze can trick us during unprepared moments. To be surrounded by the Nebel series is like being enveloped by a vague, turning mist. It evokes the strongest of sentiments. It is with "the eyes of the skin" as Juhani Pallasmaa would call it, that we must see, or as Tim Ingold describes: "The eye, in smooth space, does not look at things but roams among them, finding a way through rather than aiming for a fixed target. It is an eye that is tuned not to the discrimination and identification of individual objects but to the registration of subtle variations of light and shade, and the surface textures they reveal.”

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