30.11.2019–22.02.2020 Peter Buggenhout Axel Vervoordt Gallery
Peter Buggenhout

Peter Buggenhout

Peter Buggenhout's unpolished, raw sculptures evoke images of destroy, desolation, dirt and ruins and they have been described as 'archaeological discoveries of a distant future'. His sculptural installations are made of diverse found materials that the artist likes to call abject: industrial trash, household dust, natural horsehair or tanned animal guts are detached from their original context and are reassembled in a new constellation. At first sight, the works look like a construction of random various materials, however, underneath this chaos lies a carefully well thought-over logic as it is an equivalent representation of the complex reality that is surrounding us. The sculptures of Buggenhout are as if they are turned inside out: it is appealing and at the same time repulsing as the works look so decrepit and raw, resulting in a fragile and discomforting beauty.
Photo: Peter Buggenhout, installation view (detail) Neues Museum Nürnberg, 2017, photo: Roman März


Opening Saturday 30th of November, 2pm till 7pm