Yemo Park, Evi Olde Rikkert

Political Party: The Launch Edition

Looking for an alibi to lobby during Borger? Artists Yemo Park and Evi Olde Rikkert - currently in residence at MORPHO - invite you to join their performative gathering of political animals.

Throughout the evening, our government arranged by two - fresh in office - will explore the potential for political gatherings without ideology. The artists’ common interests in the foundation of politics became the basis for a playground of works in which they practice forms of equality.

Party animal or political animal? You’ll find out during a game of musical chairs - chance decides who’ll get a seat at the table. Featuring a set of picnic tables as stage, dysfunctional free-energy drinking dispensers alluding to the invisibility of essential labour, and a radically democratic DJ. Come and act out your political stance through dance-offs rather than debates.

Friday 31.03.2023, 18:00-22:00
Location: MORPHO (The Refectory)
Entrance: Kunsthal Extra City (Provinciestraat 112)

Artists: Yemo Park, Evi Olde Rikkert

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