Renato Nicolodi

Proximi Mei Meum Fundamentum

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to present Proximi Mei Meum Fundamentum, a solo exhibition of work by Renato Nicolodi (°Brussels, 1980), on view in the Escher Gallery at Kanaal, Wijnegem. This is the artist’s third exhibition with the gallery, following Ibant Obscuri in Hong Kong (2018) and Omnium Memoria II in Antwerp (2016).

Nicolodi’s family history runs like a thread through the exhibition. His family and loved ones are the foundation and strength of both his art practice and quest in life: “Proximi Mei Meum Fundamentum”. Where his family background—the absence of his great-grandfather, his grandfather’s war and resistance history and the pocket diary description of his imprisonment… —is implicitly present in most of his oeuvre, the first floor of the exhibition shows some direct testimonials via photographs and a video projection with the same name as the exhibition. The photographs of family members on the altar-shaped table are tangible memories of a fragile part of his family history, fluctuating between recognisable memories and voids in his memory to be investigated and discovered.

Artists: Renato Nicolodi

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