Bosco Sodi

Sack Paintings

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition “Spheres and Sack
Paintings” by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi at Kanaal’s Karnak space. Installed in
Karnak’s industrial column hall is a selection of large clay spheres that the artist
refers to as “perfect bodies”, which are mysteriously dispersed throughout the
room alongside the site’s permanent installation of Dvaravati Buddha statues. Each
sphere is handmade and baked in a rustic kiln, creating unique and unpredictable
results. The exhibition features a series of “Sun Paintings” that Sodi made during
the pandemic in his studio in Puerto Escondido, Mexico painted on found burlap
sacks that were used to transport chili pepper. Inspired by the sun’s cyclical rising
and setting, Sodi finds spirituality in the everyday, capturing it with the repeated act
of painting.

The eight sack paintings are dispersed throughout Karnak but cannot be glimpsed
in their entirety from a single vantage point. Hidden behind the pillars, visitors may
achieve a partial glimpse of the whole, step-by-step discovering the incidental
patterns of the spheres and painted dots. The circles on the sacks seem to radiate
the shape of the spheres, flattened on the burlap. Both sculptures and paintings
relate to one another, while their rhythm and ratio seemingly hold a hidden code or
language long gone.

Artists: Bosco Sodi

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