27.11.2021–26.03.2022 Chaos & Order Axel Vervoordt Gallery

Group exhibition

In the ever-changing world, there is a human desire for organization and order. Neuroscientists have proven that one of the primordial functions of the brain is to acquire knowledge; to do so, the brain must stabilize the ever-changing information reaching it. Artists utilise the picture plane as a mean of ordering chaos. The scientific principles of entropy and complexity are explored in the work of many historical and contemporary artists to support the means by which artists utilize the dichotomy of organization and entropy within their work.

This theory creates a foundation for the existence of entropy as a dynamic process within art. It demonstrates the ability of artists to order chaos and simultaneously embrace the dichotomy of organization and entropy within their work. The exhibition examines also the artists' interpretations of elements from increasingly complex surroundings that have inherent vagueness. This exhibition not only impacts the way artists understand the continual dynamic entropic process of life, but also the viewers, who allow several interpretations of the complexity of reality.